Ultimate Baseball Theme

Ultimate Baseball comes pre-skinned for the Boston Red Sox (our bias is showing), but built-in control panel options let you change imagery and scorecard info and blog for any team!

Plus, no need to fuss with custom fields — Ultimate Baseball comes with a custom upload/resize tool.


WordPress 2.5+

Go Get It!

Download Theme | Download PSD


  • Control panel options for lead story and masthead photo configuration
  • Control panel options for RSS scorecard (see FAQ note below) and Flickr Photos
  • Subcategory dropdown menus
  • Author-highlighting and gravatars in the comments section
  • Custom archives page
  • Dynamic subpage menus
  • Additional print.css stylesheet
  • Widget-enabled sidebar

Getting Started

  • If you don’t already have a /wp-content/uploads/ folder created, make sure to create it manually and set permissions to 0777.
  • To create a lead story image, visit AppearanceUltimate Baseball Options and upload your picture. A script should automatically upload your image to /wp-content/uploads/ultimatebaseball/, but if your server does not allow it, the folder will have to be created and set manually.
  • To change your Flickr images, visit AppearanceUltimate Baseball Options and set the username or tagname and number of photos your want to display.


How do I activate the custom ‘Archives’ template?

Open your control panel and click WritePage. Select ‘Archives’ from the Page Template menu in the right sidebar, click Publish and you’re done!

How do I change the masthead photo?

Open your control panel, click AppearanceCustom Image Header and you will see options for uploading and cropping.

How do I use the scoreboard options?

When this theme was released in 2008, it was designed to parse and display RSS scores from a great service called Totally Scored. Unfortunately this service is no longer available.