Live Arts and Convoy

Live Arts is a volunteer theater that has given a home to drama, dance, comedy, music and performance art in Charlottesville, VA since 1990. If you’ve never seen a performance at Live Arts, you’re missing out. The caliber of performer and show selection isn’t something typically found outside the big cities. We truly were honored to have been chosen to be this year’s official design partner for the 2012-2013 Live Arts season! Before the start of the season, Convoy sat down with Live Arts to discuss the existing brand and what the future Live Arts looks like. Equipped with some talented new staff members and the visionary leadership of Executive Director, Matt Joslyn, Live Arts aims to be bolder and more relevant than ever before. Over time, a organization’s branding tends to unravel as guidelines are forgotten about, files change hands, or new employees come on board. It is essential for any company to conduct a brand audit every couple of years to evaluate the state of their brand, marketing materials, and messaging. Convoy conducted a brand audit that addressed the essential assets, starting with the logo treatment, color palette and typography. The new materials we create to promote their upcoming shows are bold and eye-catching. We want to draw people in and help them easily recognize the Live Arts brand. I strongly encourage you to check out an upcoming show at Live Arts. These volunteer lead groups are truly amazing to watch and inspired me in my creative journey.