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Brambly Park

Brambly Park is a new urban winery located in the Scott's Addition neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. Guests come not only for the wine but the lively atmosphere, great food, and live music. Brambly Park is a fun place to chill with friends, and you can bring your dog as well!


  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Package Design
  • Web Design
  • Story Writing
  • Ad Campaign
  • Signage
  • Environmental Design
  • Social Communications
brambly wine label

Wine With Character

We knew Brambly owners wanted their branding to reflect the playful and quirky tone of the experience. Convoy created nine distinct characters to highlight various aspects of the Brambly brand. These whimsical characters are found on everything from the menu, to wine labels, to posters.

Brambly bottles

Brambly Park initially launched with six wines. Since then, we have created three new characters and two specialty additions. Since the wines are coming from different locations worldwide, we had to work with multiple manufacturers to produce labels for each wine type.

We were also tasked with creating signage, posters, menus, band schedules, and wayfinding graphics for the environment.

Brambly map

Brambly business card
Brambly menu
Brambly sweatshirt
Brambly hat

Guerilla Marketing

The Scott’s Addition area of Richmond, known for its gastropub and brewery-loving crowd, is the perfect place to drum up excitement for a new venue. For the summer of 2021, we have created a game-like element to their advertising by designing Wanted posters that can be redeemed for special discounts and prizes. This adds playfulness and mystery to Brambly Park’s marketing efforts and differentiates their brand from an industry that sometimes struggles to create an atmosphere that isn’t stuffy and pretentious.

Social Advertising

A creative execution of titled ads on Instagram was another means of spreading the word about brand new Brambly Park. We wanted their campaign to feel inclusive and appealing to a variety of patrons – it’s not just about wine, it’s a community celebration of the good things in life plus a little mischief even your pooch can get in on.

brambly rotator