CFA web design and logo

CFA Institute’s Investment Firm of the Future

Convoy created a custom WordPress theme for CFA Institute's Investment Firm of the Future. The website was based off of the design we created for the print version of the report. We created a web friendly version of the report, used mobile navigation to access individual sections of the report, or added the ability for users to download the full report. We created a custom Report Builder tool that builds a dynamic PDF based on what options the user chooses.


  • UX/UI Design
  • WordPress
  • Print Design
  • PHP
cfa web design
CFA pdf builder

Report Builder

Convoy created a Report Builder interface that allows users to create a PDF report tailored to their individual interests and scenarios. Convoy exported the full PDF report so that each page is a separate PDF file and used the libmergepdf PHP library to merge PDF documents based on the feedback of users filling out the Report Builder.

cfa example webpage

We used the Animate on Scroll Library throughout the website to provide animation for text and graphics. We also created custom responsive design layouts to insure that the site looks good on mobile and tablet devices. We optimized the site for accessibility standards for screen readers.

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