Health Warrior packaging

Health Warrior

Health Warrior's mission is to fuel the world’s health momentum with delicious, seed-forward foods. Their original packaging did not successfully communicate to a new customer base they defined after a few years on the shelves. We worked with Health Warrior to update their brand and visual communications.

A few months after the rebrand, Health Warrior was acquired by PepsiCo defining the rebrand strategy's success.


  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Package Design
  • Retail Research
  • Food Photography
  • Food Styling
Health Warrior variety flavor package lineup
Health Warrior Previous Packaging

When Health Warrior was founded, it gained overnight success when an NFL player was seen using their product during a live TV interview. With that success came a focus on a masculine approach to the brand’s packaging. Despite the NFL plug, market research showed that Health Warrior’s primary demographic  was active women from ages 25 to 40.

The compelling nutrition information was also getting lost in the packaging’s busy design. Hierarchy needed clearing up so customers could quickly scan the boxes for health benefits and differentiators from other products on the shelves.

Health Warrior colors
Health Warrior boxes on grocery store shelf

The Chia Bar color scheme uses two split colors to evoke the bar’s flavor. We stayed close to the existing colors as a reference point, which ensured the transition would be subtle to consumers.

The complementary, second color presents a more harmonious design and allows for a broader range of future products than the original, monochromatic scheme.

Health Warrior boxes on grocery store shelf

To ensure the new packaging would be successful, Convoy implemented many rounds of retail research and mockups. The product needed to stand out from it’s competition on the shelves and communicate its essential health benefits as transparently as possible.

Health Warrior boxes
Health Warrior pumpkin seed bar
Health Warrior bar lineup
Health Warrior acai berry bar

With the new product strategy and brand refresh finalized, Health Warrior coordinated a fresh ad campaign with the product launch.

The brand now effectively communicates to its established demographic and promotes product success in retail and online locations.

Health Warrior chocolate peanut butter
Health Warrior dark chocolate bar