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Multiverse Kitchens

Inspired by the recent ghost kitchen trend as well the shopping mall food halls of the past, Harrison Keevil imagined a restaurant with a menu that appeals to all members of the family. Multiverse Kitchens offers healthy and fun food items that travel well for delivery.


  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Web Design
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7 Concepts Under One Roof

The unique challenge was to create seven brands that can be franchised on their own but aesthetically feel like they came from the same place. We incorporated Harrison’s personality, family history and previous restaurants into the concepts for each brand. The family of logos are bold and fun just like chef himself.

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A Digital Food Hall With Infinite Possibilities

Our client came to us for something special, something that is uniquely them. Convoy designers and developers created a custom WordPress theme to ensure that the vision of the client is meant. With a custom theme, we are able to create a site that reflects the business goals, vision, and content. The multiverse website looks and feels like no others.

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We worked with Sarah Cramer Shields to provide an engaging visual experience for customers. Professional photography allows us to establish the visual style to best fit the multiverse kitchen identity. In order for Multiverse Kitchens to deepen their connection with their followers, we partnered with Jessica Norby, a social media strategist. With her help, multiverse can tell their brand story in a fun and authentic way.